An ill-educated person can create misery for all depending how he acts and behave vs. a person who is well educated and acts the way a cultured and civilized person should. We can relate to many such persons from history but they exit now days too, who tend to create worry, anxiety and even chaos among others.

The effects of

We know from experience and have seen there are people who are educated but act and behave like an ill educated person would do. In simple terms it can be said that they don’t know how to act or behave and are ill mannered. On the contrary there are some who are uneducated but will surprise you with their mannerism and wisdom.

Ill educated persons can be the worst kind of people on earth because they will always complain & criticize about everything & everyone no mater how good things and people are.

The irony is that they will never ever appreciate anything other than what they do and not miss an opportunity to promote themselves at good or bad times.

They are the ones that are unable to listen to difference of opinion let alone accept what good others are doing and are happy with their lives.

Such arrogance cannot only inflict harm on people but can create chaos in a home, organisation, community, nation, a country or the even the world depending on what position they hold.

Don’t let such persons take so much control of your lives or let them run rampant with their ill intentions, as sane people should bring calm and sense to them and the people who are affected by their actions.

Now lets examine how education should change us and its affects:

We get education through different modes during the course our lifetimes. This education starts from home as a child leading to a school, college and then eventually a university. Our parents thought that these institutions would teach us everything we need to know and live a better life in the world. To some extent it’s sounds good but its not the case as the real test lies in the world; as to what we do with our lives; how we apply what we have learned in these institutions and how we operate ourselves in different circumstances and positions.

Scholars and philosophers have always said that the moment you become aware of your existence, you start learning. I totally agree as when one becomes aware of its own existence then not everything around him but whatever he comes into contact with also becomes important too. When you want to discover or learn something you try to understand its complexities and go into more detail. In this process you use all the knowledge you gained in those institutions about that particular matter/subject to further learn and advance your know how about it. As a result you will not only appreciate what you have learned in the process but all the other things that you encounter/experience along the way, which has enlightened you in many ways. Once you are enlightened your path and actions will be based on it in shaping your life.

I would like to quote Maya Angelou here,

“When you know better you do better”.

What I am trying to say and the deeper message is that a well-educated person not only does well for himself but others in general.

You do all the good things to make this world a better place and because when you know better you come to realize there is no better thing than to help others in a any way you can and to love others no matter who they are and what they do.

A well educated person with deep knowledge who has gained wisdom over the years will know better for sure and be the positive change in the world and spread love, peace, harmony and compassion.

If a person has all the three ingredients; education, knowledge & wisdom then he/she can achieve and accomplish anything in life. There will be no limitation on what he/she can do as well as there will more peace, harmony and equality the world.

Let education not only change you for the better but the whole world will benefit from you.



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