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In today’s turbulent and competitive business world it is important not only for a team to stay ahead of the competition but you as an individual also. There are many companies and businesses that have flourished & grown exponentially while others remain stagnant or even perished with the passage of time. One of the reasons behind these successful companies and businesses is that successful people work for them. These people leave no stone unturned in becoming successful themselves and are the best at what they do and as a result the company & businesses grow also.

People who are ahead of the pack think strategically about their career and evaluate each & every step they take along the way in search of success. These people don’t take things lightly and learn new future developments in their respective fields or as necessary. As a result they are constantly on the look out for existing or potential opportunities and challenges to stay ahead and keep them motivated.

Successful people are aware of the fact that to stay competitive and prosper in their career/life they need to devote time for their own personal development also.

The traits of these successful people are:

1-      Responsibility

For me this is the one of the most important trait of such people as they are aware of their surroundings and they hold them accountable for their own success. They have a clear plan and the dedication to achieve it. They don’t get stuck in the conundrum of “ifs” and “buts”.

2-      Self-Evaluation & Learning

Successful people continuously try to evaluate themselves and what additional or extra skills they need to stay ahead of the competition. They believe in the phrase “Learning process begins with the birth as a child and continues till death”.

3-      A Clear Path

Once they have evaluated themselves and know what they have to achieve in order to learn the new skills; they set a clear path and direction for themselves. They chalk out a plan as how to achieve those aims and goals.

4-      Self-Belief & Confidence

Successful people posses plenty of self-belief and confidence. Confidence can be attained with practice as any other skill and by overcoming your fears & risk taking. Self-belief is an important ingredient of confidence. People with both these qualities take charge of their lives and set a clear direction for themselves.

5-      Having A Mentor

A mentor can be from your filed of work or any other. Connecting with a mentor can act as an advantage, not only learn from him/her but also emulate him/her. A mentor can also advise you and help you with difficult situations by guiding you in the right direction and giving you confidence and keep you motivated.

6-      Being Optimistic & Accepting Challenges

Optimist people are positive in all circumstances and are always hopeful of the best outcome in any situation. These people see every opportunity in every challenge and accept these challenges with a positive frame of mind while others see a problem in it. Because of the positive thoughts and expectations, they get motivated and as a result the chance of success increases also. This gives them an opportunity to continue and push the boundaries further; as a result they succeed in the pursuit of tough tasks whereas others give up.

7-      Being Persistent, Patient, Resilient & Passionate

Many people in life fail because they give up too soon on their dreams while success was just round the corner. People who quit are never winners. People who are persistent, patient and passionate are more likely to succeed than those who are not. Resilient people tend to push & pick themselves in tough situations. They recover more quickly and are back on track than those who are not resilient. These people don’t give up on hope and keep moving in the forward direction. Resilient people go the extra mile.

8-      Taking on a Leading/Leadership Role

Successful people like to be in the spot light and take on a leading project with tough budgets and deadlines. They challenge themselves to complete such projects within the budget and stipulated time period to make a point and it brings the best of them and this is bound to get them many followers.

9-      Personal Strong Moral Values

For me this is one of the most important traits of successful people as they make a sincere effort to know all the people in their organisation from CEO to a cleaner and give every one their due respect & credit. People with integrity boost confidence in people around them as they themselves are honest & trustworthy. They stick to their principles and promises even in the toughest of times and are self-disciplined.

10-   Build Relationships

Successful people are never afraid to share their success & experiences (ideas) and pass it on to others by building lasting and strong relationships. Trust is an important factor in these strong and lasting relationships.

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