Leadership Development

Leadership is all about helping others to achieve their objectives and developing leaders in the process.
If for any reason you are not developing leaders among your group, team or organisation for any reasons i.e., he/she might do better than you or any other fear (apprehensions) you have, then you are no leader at all.

Leadership Development

You are neither doing any good to yourself or other people working for you and inversely to your organisation.
Start letting people take on extra tasks with freedom to do their work that deliver the desired results but also take responsibility for their actions while supporting them along the way. You will see many positive results within days not just for the organisations but everyone involved.
From here on you don’t have micro manage things that will give you the freedom to deal with bigger projects but the confidence to rely on your team do great things at their own.

We at SS Headway Consulting Can Help You Develop A Leadership Culture That Will Empower People To Become and Act As Leaders In every Way.

Have a great start to the week.

How to Re-Do Your Restaurant/Eatery Menu At Your Own If It’s Not Delivering The Desired Sales/Profit

You might have noticed in recent years McDonald’s has been tinkering with it’s menu; adding numerous limited time offers, introducing wings and so on. In doing so it angered Franchisees and alienated some customers who took their fast food money elsewhere. Even Tim Fenton, McDonald’s Chief Operating Officer confessed, “ we need to do fewer products with better execution”.


How To Re-Do Your Restaurant Menu-Image 2
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Over the years menu sections and pages have been greatly reduced by many eateries because it is found that 60 percent to 70 percent of their sales comes from fewer than 17-25 menu items. So it does not make sense to have hundreds of different choices. This will help not only to shorten your order-taking time but also reduce inventory, purchases & waste but also having fresh produce for the dishes.

If your eatery has lost customers and not making profit then you have to re-establish that trust and it has to start from marketing and a new/revised menu.

I think if the menu is overly complex start by reducing it, as it will be easier to target the customers by the marketing department and save other costs.

Simplifying the menu with certain classics depending on the (location & customer base) can help to concentrate (on existing ones) and to develop new items across the chain/brands while improve the menu sales mix and its monitoring.

Gallup survey reported that most customers would spend an average of 109 seconds reading a menu. This is the time limit you have to get your message across to them in the most effective manner.

As a result you might have to rethink the menu design psychology techniques if required and I will mention a few here and after the changes made you can see the impact on the sales mix.

Eye Magnet Techniques:

Start with the Eye Magnet Technique and the Sweet Spot on the menu is normally upper right corner where customers concentrate. For illustrative purposes try using photo of the dish, graphic illustration of any other attentions grabber like bold words etc.Use multiple eye magnets for different dishes but don’t over do it and use one per category in the menu or two at the most.

Proper Coloring & Pictures:

Proper Coloring should be used to emphasis its importance as people do tend to respond to colors in emotional ways.Make sure that pictures have to be appealing to customers by having the right ingredients, color; texture of dish, presentation and if it is then customers will buy it.

Use of Proper Descriptive Language:

Your dish should have sensory descriptors such as succulent, tender, juicy, spicy or fresh etc. Imagine if you reading a menu “beef fillet vs. succulent beef fillet”, which one you are likely to order?

But remember to keep the descriptions brief and to the point and relevant.

You can also add evoking terms like traditional, local ingredients etc., to increase the likelihood of that dish being ordered. If you have many restaurants and operate in foreign territories then you can add descriptions of that geographic location like produced from local ingredients or famous dish of certain area.

With help of managers & waiters/servers you can assess each restaurants/brands percentage of sales for the no of items sold from the menu and as a result cut on the items in the menu that have either less percentage of sales in the menu or no sales at all.

I am a strong believer that managers & waiters/servers can help and better sell any dish let alone the specials and signature dishes or the new promotions by treating each customer individually and differently with great customer service. This can act as an advantage for the brand and increase the average spend. These menu items can also be hyped by servers when asked to recommend a dish by a guest as such items should be the ones with the highest gross profit, lowest food costs and help achieve the average check needed to return the desired sales and profit.

ETHICAL DILEMMA AT WORK – What It Entails – How To Resolve & Avoid It

Have you ever been in a situation faced with an ethical dilemma at work?

First what is an ethical dilemma?

“Ethical Dilemmas also known as a moral dilemmas, are situations in which there is a choice to be made between two options, neither of which resolves the satiation in an ethically acceptable fashion.”

Cover for ethical dilemma at work

An ethical dilemma can cross our path in many forms and shapes in our daily lives and particularly at work. Some of you might have experienced it firsthand while some have witnessed it happen to a colleague of yours.

Lets Consider A Scenario As To How An Ethical Dilemma Can Arise At Work:

Suppose you are working in a team of 10 people on a certain project and without even noticing it at the end of the project you are faced with an ethical dilemma. You are working on a project with a team of 10 people only 7 worked hard while 3 did not work hard as the rest of the 7 people. The completion of the project was down to 7 people in the team. Now you are faced with an ethical dilemma scenario here; that do you specify the 3 persons who did not work as hard as the rest of 7 or that all the 10 people in the team get full credit for the completion of the project. I will discuss in detail later that who would report such an issue and who would not depending on their personality type. But the best way to avoid being in such a scenario is to share the workload of the project equally and each team member is handed specific task with a time frame limit. In this way not only the project will be completed in time and with best outcome but also most importantly you don’t have to go through such a testing phase with your colleagues and create bitterness within the team.

“But lets accept the reality there will be times when you are faced with an ethical dilemma at work and no matter what choice you make; you feel you made the wrong choice.”


The Ethical Dilemma Trilogy:

 Lets not forget that an ethical dilemma can exit within ‘you’ as an employee, between you and another employee or between an employee and employer.

How An Employee Can Behave Unethically:

For instance an employee using company phone for making personal calls, using company printer for personal printouts, using company business contacts for personal gains by taking undue advantage of such and other facilities can all be regarded as unethical.

How An Employer Can Behave Unethically:

An extremely unethical practice on part of the employer might be favoritism; which is typically more so common in Asian countries. In such a case an employer may approve a particular employee/person over another regarding promotion, relocation or even hiring. In this way an employer is neglecting other deserving or eligible employee/person.

The other extreme form of unethical behavior on part of employer is sexual harassment; where an employee is sexually harassed by the employer or on complaint from an employee is not looked into and denied their legal rights. Many cases of sexual harassment go un-reported because the victim/employee feels they might be picked up on or as a result treated unfairly by the employer in many ways. Recently many such cases have resurfaced in high profile companies in Silicon Valley.

My Personal Experience:

I will share my personal experience as to grasp a better understanding of the subject and that led me to write this. Also in the end I will suggest on how to resolve/avoid ethical issues at work.

I experienced a situation few years back in which my professional responsibility unexpectedly came into conflict with my deepest moral values. I was caught up in a ‘clash of right & right.’ My Area Operations Manager asked me to visit one of company’s unit in Southampton to asses the units overall performance and reason for dropping sales.

On the day of my visit the Manager of the Unit was off. During off-peak time only one staff was working in FOH (Front Of House) while I was doing some paperwork in the back office and the staff member thought I was out. But I was monitoring her too as I was there to asses different aspects of the business. I witnessed from the back the staff member after receiving money from the customer did not ring the till and put the money in her pocket. I kept a constant watch and she did it twice. Once other staff members came back from break, I called her in the office and asked her explanation regarding the issue but she denied any wrongdoing. But after using some investigative techniques she agreed to the wrongdoing.

My main concern was why did she do it other than the obvious reasons. I dug deep into the matter and she said because the Manager of the unit deducts her 2-3 hours every week in payroll and as a result she gets paid less. She already complained but no one listens. During that time the company was very tight on labor cost especially for the units with low sales. But I did not take her word for it and enquired from other staff members generally and they were of the opinion yes it has happened to them too or they are not allowed to take breaks at times etc. I took her statement about her wrongdoing with her signatures to cover the company and told her that the matter will be looked into with sympathy but also she could face strict disciplinary action.

I came back to London and informed the whole situation to the concerned Area Operations Manager of the unit along with her statement while asking him to conduct a thorough investigation so such an incident does not place in future and manager should also be accountable. When the AOM went to the unit he right away sacked the staff member and the manager was not held accountable for anything. I felt the staff member could have been given a final written warning and monitored regularly or at least the manager could have been held responsible for his irresponsible actions.

“No matter what option I would have chosen, I felt like I have come up short.”


How To Avoid Situations Of Ethical Dilemmas Or What To Do If Happen To Be In One:

 I have broken down this into three parts for ease and better understanding at employee level, employer level and how both can help each other.

Employee’s Responsibility:

 As an employee you might have encountered aforementioned ethical dilemmas often and the question comes to mind as what to do with it?

It all comes down to what type of your personality.

If someone has strong moral values and not afraid what others might think of their action; they will tell them right away and report them to their line manager/supervisor.

While some will follow company rule to the letter and not take any action on their part. Some will play along and adopt a policy of wait and see. They will follow what their colleagues do and on their own will not take any steps.

Last but not least some will not take any action and will try to remain neutral in such matters. In fact they are on the look out of every opportunity to gain loyalty and respect from their line managers/supervisors and go to any lengths to be in their good books even if they have to lie.

Employer’s Responsibility:

First & foremost employee handbooks should have clear guidelines as what to do in cases of ethical dilemmas and who to report to. Further employee contracts should contain all such details and clearly state that that they are protected if they report such cases just to reassure them.

The HR department conduct regular workshops on issues of ethical dilemmas where all supervisors, line managers and department are given training on how to spot such issue and how to respond that best protects the company and also does not put the employee in any harms way. Most importantly they are encouraged to get regular feedback from employees and to be open on such matters.

If the budget allows the HR department can conduct similar workshops for employees too.

Employees & Employers Need To Work Together:

If both employees & employers work together in a more open and transparent manner then such incidents of ethical dilemmas not only can be resolved with ease but also dramatically reduce. First employees need to take responsibility of their own actions and if they do then they will not tolerate any unethical acts of their colleagues.

On part of the employer line managers, supervisors and department heads need to make every employee at home regarding such incidents of this nature. They can do this by creating an environment where employees know if they have a difference of opinion, report a controversy or a complaint about an ethical dilemma at work they will not in any way be treated unfairly now and in the future.

The Affects Of An Ill Educated Person VS A Well Educated Person On Us

An ill-educated person can create misery for all depending how he acts and behave vs. a person who is well educated and acts the way a cultured and civilized person should. We can relate to many such persons from history but they exit now days too, who tend to create worry, anxiety and even chaos among others.

The effects of

We know from experience and have seen there are people who are educated but act and behave like an ill educated person would do. In simple terms it can be said that they don’t know how to act or behave and are ill mannered. On the contrary there are some who are uneducated but will surprise you with their mannerism and wisdom.

Ill educated persons can be the worst kind of people on earth because they will always complain & criticize about everything & everyone no mater how good things and people are.

The irony is that they will never ever appreciate anything other than what they do and not miss an opportunity to promote themselves at good or bad times.

They are the ones that are unable to listen to difference of opinion let alone accept what good others are doing and are happy with their lives.

Such arrogance cannot only inflict harm on people but can create chaos in a home, organisation, community, nation, a country or the even the world depending on what position they hold.

Don’t let such persons take so much control of your lives or let them run rampant with their ill intentions, as sane people should bring calm and sense to them and the people who are affected by their actions.

Now lets examine how education should change us and its affects:

We get education through different modes during the course our lifetimes. This education starts from home as a child leading to a school, college and then eventually a university. Our parents thought that these institutions would teach us everything we need to know and live a better life in the world. To some extent it’s sounds good but its not the case as the real test lies in the world; as to what we do with our lives; how we apply what we have learned in these institutions and how we operate ourselves in different circumstances and positions.

Scholars and philosophers have always said that the moment you become aware of your existence, you start learning. I totally agree as when one becomes aware of its own existence then not everything around him but whatever he comes into contact with also becomes important too. When you want to discover or learn something you try to understand its complexities and go into more detail. In this process you use all the knowledge you gained in those institutions about that particular matter/subject to further learn and advance your know how about it. As a result you will not only appreciate what you have learned in the process but all the other things that you encounter/experience along the way, which has enlightened you in many ways. Once you are enlightened your path and actions will be based on it in shaping your life.

I would like to quote Maya Angelou here,

“When you know better you do better”.

What I am trying to say and the deeper message is that a well-educated person not only does well for himself but others in general.

You do all the good things to make this world a better place and because when you know better you come to realize there is no better thing than to help others in a any way you can and to love others no matter who they are and what they do.

A well educated person with deep knowledge who has gained wisdom over the years will know better for sure and be the positive change in the world and spread love, peace, harmony and compassion.

If a person has all the three ingredients; education, knowledge & wisdom then he/she can achieve and accomplish anything in life. There will be no limitation on what he/she can do as well as there will more peace, harmony and equality the world.

Let education not only change you for the better but the whole world will benefit from you.


Never Give Up On Your Idea

Never Give Up On Any Idea copy

Either it’s just a thought or an idea don’t stop working on it just because what others might think or laugh at you for any or no reason at all.
Don’t stop working on it even if others tell you that it is not feasible or not worth it.
You know what’s best for you and who knows that it might change your life forever.
The best part about following up on your idea is that in the process you will learn many things about life and people both personally and professionally.
Even for some reason if your idea does not reap the desired results, you will come out of this experience stronger and wiser.
You will be more determined and dedicated to work on your next idea to bring about the desired results.

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10 Traits of Successful People

Successful People Image .jpg

In today’s turbulent and competitive business world it is important not only for a team to stay ahead of the competition but you as an individual also. There are many companies and businesses that have flourished & grown exponentially while others remain stagnant or even perished with the passage of time. One of the reasons behind these successful companies and businesses is that successful people work for them. These people leave no stone unturned in becoming successful themselves and are the best at what they do and as a result the company & businesses grow also.

People who are ahead of the pack think strategically about their career and evaluate each & every step they take along the way in search of success. These people don’t take things lightly and learn new future developments in their respective fields or as necessary. As a result they are constantly on the look out for existing or potential opportunities and challenges to stay ahead and keep them motivated.

Successful people are aware of the fact that to stay competitive and prosper in their career/life they need to devote time for their own personal development also.

The traits of these successful people are:

1-      Responsibility

For me this is the one of the most important trait of such people as they are aware of their surroundings and they hold them accountable for their own success. They have a clear plan and the dedication to achieve it. They don’t get stuck in the conundrum of “ifs” and “buts”.

2-      Self-Evaluation & Learning

Successful people continuously try to evaluate themselves and what additional or extra skills they need to stay ahead of the competition. They believe in the phrase “Learning process begins with the birth as a child and continues till death”.

3-      A Clear Path

Once they have evaluated themselves and know what they have to achieve in order to learn the new skills; they set a clear path and direction for themselves. They chalk out a plan as how to achieve those aims and goals.

4-      Self-Belief & Confidence

Successful people posses plenty of self-belief and confidence. Confidence can be attained with practice as any other skill and by overcoming your fears & risk taking. Self-belief is an important ingredient of confidence. People with both these qualities take charge of their lives and set a clear direction for themselves.

5-      Having A Mentor

A mentor can be from your filed of work or any other. Connecting with a mentor can act as an advantage, not only learn from him/her but also emulate him/her. A mentor can also advise you and help you with difficult situations by guiding you in the right direction and giving you confidence and keep you motivated.

6-      Being Optimistic & Accepting Challenges

Optimist people are positive in all circumstances and are always hopeful of the best outcome in any situation. These people see every opportunity in every challenge and accept these challenges with a positive frame of mind while others see a problem in it. Because of the positive thoughts and expectations, they get motivated and as a result the chance of success increases also. This gives them an opportunity to continue and push the boundaries further; as a result they succeed in the pursuit of tough tasks whereas others give up.

7-      Being Persistent, Patient, Resilient & Passionate

Many people in life fail because they give up too soon on their dreams while success was just round the corner. People who quit are never winners. People who are persistent, patient and passionate are more likely to succeed than those who are not. Resilient people tend to push & pick themselves in tough situations. They recover more quickly and are back on track than those who are not resilient. These people don’t give up on hope and keep moving in the forward direction. Resilient people go the extra mile.

8-      Taking on a Leading/Leadership Role

Successful people like to be in the spot light and take on a leading project with tough budgets and deadlines. They challenge themselves to complete such projects within the budget and stipulated time period to make a point and it brings the best of them and this is bound to get them many followers.

9-      Personal Strong Moral Values

For me this is one of the most important traits of successful people as they make a sincere effort to know all the people in their organisation from CEO to a cleaner and give every one their due respect & credit. People with integrity boost confidence in people around them as they themselves are honest & trustworthy. They stick to their principles and promises even in the toughest of times and are self-disciplined.

10-   Build Relationships

Successful people are never afraid to share their success & experiences (ideas) and pass it on to others by building lasting and strong relationships. Trust is an important factor in these strong and lasting relationships.

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THAAD Deployment: How It Can Shift The Balance Of Power In The Korean Peninsula and Change Seoul-Beijing-Washington Relations


The main concern for Beijing at the moment regarding the deployment of THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) is that, its part of U.S strategy to build missile defense system here in South Korea that can easily cover the whole Korean Peninsula and I believe is a way or future measure to contain the rising influence of China in the region and in some way to stop its growing ambitions in the region.

China’s anxiety is not about the deployment of THAAD but more so of the THAAD’s X-Band Radar Surveillance System that has the ability to monitor Chinese missile tests at its northern and eastern coasts.

According to the U.S with its present setup of THAAD in South Korea, it has a range of 600km that will be able to detect and monitor launches from North Korea. But if the radar is reconfigured then the detection range of THAAD can be up to 2000km. This can put the Chinese missile launches under South Korea’s THAAD monitor and detection range.

But lets not forget that China’s this recent sudden strong retaliation against the deployment of THAAD is not because of the THHAD being deployed ahead of schedule but it dates back to 13 July, 2016 when Seoul announced the deployment of THAAD. At that time Beijing did not take the decision lightly as the timing of the decision was not right as a day earlier China lost its territorial claims in South China Sea in the Permanent Court of Arbitration in Hague. 

“I am of the view that U.S ambitions to control the Chinese influence in the region will not stop here and try to grow its military might and defense capabilities in countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Philippines and Taiwan. The rationale behind this is that Philippines and Vietnam already argue that part of South China sea belong to them. Vietnam last year installed several mobile rocket launchers on its islands in retaliation to China’s territorial claim over South China Sea.”

Therefore THAAD can act as a counter measure step to stop China’s claim and its advancement in South China Sea. THAAD’s X-Band Radar can be used to spy on its military activities.

I believe there is a lot riding on the issue of deployment of THAAD and Seoul-Beijing relations depend a whole lot on how this issue of deployment is resolved over the course of time or maybe even delayed and let the next incoming government decide its fate. As of today the Ms Park’s impeachment, she becomes the first democratically elected president to be removed from office who could face prosecution over corruption allegations. An election must be held within 60 days.

Moon Jae-in is the former head of the opposition Democratic Party, is one who might be the possible favorite. He is against the deployment of THAAD. Recently he told reporters “I don’t understand why the government is doing it this way, I believe the next government can make a rational decision that meets the interests of security and the economy through consultations with the U.S and 

China. Speeding up the deployment will only leave little room in diplomacy for the next government.”

Lately in the media and among people there has been a lot of talk about Chinese double standards regarding the issue of THAAD’s deployment. Beijing’s economic retaliation against Seoul include; placing direct or indirect restrictions on Chinese tourist visiting South Korea, banning South Korean entertainment content and halting the South Korea’s largest retail group Lotte Mart’s operation in China, which has considerable business there.

Some analysts and observers believe that U.S stands by South Korea in hour of need and a more trust worthy partner than China. I would like to bring to their notice here that even some of the THAAD parts are here and the setup will be complete by April, 2017 but still Trump and his Administration is already looking in into renegotiating the trade deal between the two countries. The deal is known as the Korean U.S. Free Trade Agreement or KORUS FTA. During the U.S. presidential campaign, Trump threatened to make changes to the bilateral free trade deal and now he might fulfill his promise to the American people. Trump called the deal as “job killing.”

President Donald Trump wants to impose higher taxes for companies who manufacture abroad for U.S. consumers. As a result South Korea’s LG Electronics said it would spend $250 million to build a new factory in the United States. This clearly shows that U.S also has double standards. By highlighting this it is not my intention that U.S is not good for South Korea or  

change its ties but to understand that every country protects its own interests the best possible way it can. Not to forget that with deployment of THAAD U.S is not only protecting South Korea from its enemies but also in turn protecting its own interests in the region. The U.S is further building its

military defense and strike capabilities in the region in which it sees China and North Korea as a threat. On one hand Mr. Trump at home is pushing for made in USA while abroad flexing and showing its military might.

As a result it’s better for Seoul to think about its own interest in the longer run not just short term and do not make drastic decisions in fear and follow someone’s personal agenda so it does not have to repent later. No doubt it cannot trust North Korea in any way but also should not be bullied by their rhetoric of war and their missile tests.

We must not forget that Seoul has to bear the actual cost of THAAD and all the additional military personal. A reminder what Trump said in an interview with NBC, “We get practically nothing compared to the cost of” keeping U.S. military forces in South Korea. Currently, South Korea pays well over $800 million annually to support the United States’ troop presence, an amount that doesn’t qualify as “practically nothing.”

So Seoul might end up paying more not only for the American troops here but also for the cost of THAAD. It might even do harm to its own economy with a renegotiated trade deal with the U.S as it might be obliged or compelled to by President Trump.

There is no doubt that South Korea’s political stability and economic success is due to ROK-US alliance but due to China’s market growth and size, South Korea is increasingly becoming more & more dependent on China’s economy.

With the present atmosphere surrounding THAAD issue and Seoul which has already decided to go ahead with the its complete deployment by April while new elections are to be held in May 2017 and a mindset in the U.S things seems more uncertain than to be heading towards normalization of relations between the three.

“South Korea not only has to manage its security in the best possible manner and a responsibility to protect its people from any foreign threat but renew its diplomatic strategy in such a manner that it can maintain healthy bilateral relations with the U.S and China harmoniously in the present circumstances but not at the behest of each other. It’s time the three resolve the issue of the deployment of THAAD and ROK-US alliance assure China that its security is not undermined in any way now or in the future.”

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